Grants and projects currently being implemented

  1. Innovative method of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs interpretation using computed X-ray tomography

Supervisor: Paulina Krakowska

Team: Edyta Puskarczyk, Magdalena Habrat, Paweł Madejski, Mariusz Jędrychowski

Project is financed by the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland, program LIDER VI, project no. LIDER/319/L–6/14/NCBR/2015

Project goals:

  • Application of an innovative approach for the analysis of unconventional tight gas in sedimentary rocks using the computed X-ray tomography results,
  • Building-up and developing comprehensive, useful tool as a specialized software for qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the rock images obtained from different laboratory experiments, especially X-ray computed tomography, dedicated to hydrocarbon exploration, water and CO2 sequestration issues,
  • Development (definition) of new petrophysical parameters database, characterizing the pore space and skeleton distribution, in accordance with the needs of scientific and industrial institutions; algorithms for these parameters are going to be developed and incorporated as an integral part of the proposed software,
  • Empirical relationship of permeability and pore space geometrical parameters, possible to use in case of inability to perform laboratory measurements on cores samples,
  • Verification and validation of the novel relationship to determine the permeability of low permeability and low porosity rocks using direct measurements and the modern tools: fluid flow simulation through porous medium,
  • Development of methodology of fluid flow simulation through porous medium for low permeability and low porosity rocks.