Laboratory of Seismic Research

Head: Jerzy Dec

The Department of Geophysics has got a modern seismic system for engineering and prospecting measurements. The mobile ESS-500 Turbo system with high energy (in the picture) is used as a source of wave. In the case of borehole investigation a Sparker is used. We use a 48-channel Geode seismograph (may be expanded to 96 channels) to record field seismic data. Geophones with frequencies from 4Hz to 100Hz and a hydrophone streamer enable the recording of waveforms with different spectrum wide – from surface wave to high-frequency waves in rocks and concrete constructions.


• field measurements of elastic properties of rocks,

• investigations of the subsurface zone using the MASW method for geotechnical purposes,

• refraction investigations of shallow bedrock,

• reflection investigations up to a depth of about 500m,

• control of the dams condition, embankments and other engineering objects

Seismic time section (lambda*ro parameter )