Grants and projects completed

1. Innovative method of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs interpretation using computed X-ray tomography

Supervisor: Paulina Krakowska

Team: Edyta Puskarczyk, Magdalena Habrat, Paweł Madejski, Mariusz Jędrychowski

Project is financed by the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland, program LIDER VI, project no. LIDER/319/L–6/14/NCBR/2015

Project goals:

  • Application of an innovative approach for the analysis of unconventional tight gas in sedimentary rocks using the computed X-ray tomography results,
  • Building-up and developing comprehensive, useful tool as a specialized software for qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the rock images obtained from different laboratory experiments, especially X-ray computed tomography, dedicated to hydrocarbon exploration, water and CO2 sequestration issues,
  • Development (definition) of new petrophysical parameters database, characterizing the pore space and skeleton distribution, in accordance with the needs of scientific and industrial institutions; algorithms for these parameters are going to be developed and incorporated as an integral part of the proposed software,
  • Empirical relationship of permeability and pore space geometrical parameters, possible to use in case of inability to perform laboratory measurements on cores samples,
  • Verification and validation of the novel relationship to determine the permeability of low permeability and low porosity rocks using direct measurements and the modern tools: fluid flow simulation through porous medium,
  • Development of methodology of fluid flow simulation through porous medium for low permeability and low porosity rocks.

2. Determination of the geological structure and properties of rocks in the area of research infrastructure ESI-4 (Niedzica region) and ESI-3 (Polkowice region)

Supervisor: Jerzy Dec

Team: Kaja Pietsch, Kamil Cichostępski, Monika Kasperska, Paweł Marzec

Implementation period: 2014-2015

3. MWSSSG:  Methodology to determine sweet spots based on geochemical, petrophysical and geomechanical properties in connection with correlation of laboratory test with well logs and generation model 3D 

Supervisor zad. 10 – Jadwiga Jarzyna

Team: in AGH – Bała M., Bałys M., Cichostepski K., Czepirski L., Czuma N., Gołebiowska M., Górecki W., Jędrychowski M., Karczewski J., Kotarba M., Krakowska P., Nowak B., Ossowski A., Pietsch K., Puskarczyk E., Semyrka R., Staszowska T., Szczurowski J., Tarasiuk J., Wawrzyniak-Guz K., Wroński S., Wójcik A., Zorski T., Zych H., Zych M., in ING PAN w Krakowie – Derkowski A.,  Kędzior A., Lempart M., Szczerba M., Topór T., others – Dworak D. – IFJ PAN w Krakowie, Marynowski L. – UŚl. w Katowicach-Sosnowcu, Bartoń R. – INiG-PIB, Kraków, Marzencki K., Skorek A.

Implementation period: 2013-2016

4. Improving the efficiency of petrophysical properties analysis of rocks using nuclear magnetic resonance NMR

Supervisor: Edyta Puskarczyk

Team: Edyta Puskarczyk, Jadwiga Jarzyna

Implementation period: 2007-2008

 Projects partially implemented in Geophysics Department (last 3 years):

Blue Gas – Gazgeolmod – Construction of the Lower Paleozoic extent’s maps, biostratigraphy and analysis of tectonic evolution of the marginal zone of the Eastern European Platform for estimation of unconventional hydrocarbon deposits distribution.

Implementation period: 2014-2017

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Golonka,

Seismic team: Kaja Pietsch, Jerzy Dec, Kamil Cichostępski, Monika Kasperska, Paweł Marzec

Blue Gas – ShaleFore – Analysis of geological conditions and recognition of occurrence of unconventional gas accumulations in the argillaceous formation of the Autochthonous Miocene succession in the Carpathian Foredeep and technological aspects of development into the accumulations and their exploitation.

Implementation period: 2014-2017

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Górecki

Seismic team: Kaja Pietsch, Jerzy Dec, Kamil Cichostępski, Monika Kasperska, Paweł Marzec

Petrophysical properties measurements: Jadwiga Jarzyna, Edyta Puskarczyk, Paulina Krakowska

Criteria for Recognition of Gas-bearing Heterolithic Reservoirs in the Miocene Strata of the Forecarpathian Basin Based on Integrated Interpretation of Cores, Well Logs and Seismic Images

Implementation period: 2014-2016

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Szczepan Porębski

Seismic team: Kaja Pietsch, Jerzy Dec, Kamil Cichostępski, Monika Kasperska, Paweł Marzec

Well-log analyst: Jadwiga Jarzyna, Edyta Puskarczyk

Effectiveness Improvement of Seismic Research in Exploration and Identifications of Gas Reservoirs in Rotliegendes Formation

Implementation period: 2015-2017

Supervisor: prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Górecki

Seismic team: Kaja Pietsch, Jerzy Dec, Kamil Cichostępski, Monika Kasperska, Paweł Marzec

Project No PBS1/B9/18/20, „Research in the field of evolving a complex system for monitoring of static and dynamic state of embankments in the continuous mode, with possibility of occuring structural changes simulation and damage risk estimation.” (Computer System for Monitoring River Embankments)

Implementation period: 2013-2017


Team: Jerzy Mościcki, Grzegorz Bania, Michał Ćwiklik