Laboratory of Radiometric Research

Head: Nguyen Dinh Chau i Marcin Zych

Apparatus (name, manufacturer): gamma spectrometry measuring track from ORTEC, with NaI (Tl) well crystal or 2″ LaBr3(Ce) crystal, RGK, RGU and RGTh activity standards, ORTEC dual-chamber alpha-irradiation analyser measured parameters (mention): determination of K, U (Ra), Th content and alpha-radioactive elements content description (you can list, give examples): Measurement of small samples weighing 40 g, which have been previously pulverized, weighed, dried and sealed in containers (about 3-4 weeks), to achieve a radioactive equilibrium. After this period, the samples are measured in a gamma spectrometric track to determine the concentration of K, U (Ra), Th. To measure the content of alpha-radionuclides, samples are specially prepared and measured in a vacuum chamber using a silicon semiconductor detector.


Measuring set-up

The laboratory also has the capacity to develop and carry out measurements using radiomarkers or the method of gamma radiation absorption of single and multi-phase flows in open and closed channels. The parameters to be measured include: the velocity of the minority phase (gamma radiation absorption) or individual phases (radioactive markers), the gas phase void fraction, the recognition of flow types.