Specialist education

The Department of Geophysics is the leading unit responsible for geophysics course and applied geophysics specializations. Studies are run at two levels: undergraduate (BSc) and graduate (MSc). The first level is ended with the professional title of engineer. Students gain basic knowledge on mathematics, physics and applied computer sciences. They have also several geological topics giving them the background of geological processes, stratigraphy, structural geology, mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry, and geology of mineral deposits. The main courses of geophysical methods are focused on gravity and magnetics, geoelectrics (including resistivity methods, magnetotelluric methods, natural and induced polarization methods and georadar), seismics, and well logging. These courses prepare our students to plan and run simple engineering projects, to run basic field geophysical measurements, to understand rules of acquisition and processing of geophysical data. Students are also taught both the qualitative and quantitative interpretation of geophysical data using various methods.

During the second level studies leading to MSc title, more sophisticated application of mathematical methods in geophysics are presented together with modern physics and theory of geophysical fields. Also, advanced methods of data processing and interpretation of data in all geophysical methods are trained. Students are prepared to plan, launch, carry out and manage the geophysical projects and to solve advanced engineering, environmental and prospecting problems. Additionally, outstanding graduates can take part in the PhD studies in geophysical specialisation offered by the Faculty.

The students at each level of education can use the commercial professional software granted to the Faculty by leading world-wide operating companies: Schlumberger, Halliburton or ABEM. Statistica and MATLAB software, and other professional computer programs like CAD or GIS are also available for students to train applications in the Earth sciences and to develope their professional skills. Some courses are delivered in English and also some lectures and classes are realized by e-learning.

The staff members of the Department of Geophysics teach topics named “Geophysical methods” or “Geophysics” not only for students of geophysics course, but also for students of other courses and specializations at the parent Faculty, including economic geology specialization realized in English. The “Mining geophysics” topic is presented to students of the Mining and Geology course at the Faculty. Lectures and classes on geophysics are also realized for students of the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology.

The special educational offer is proposed to graduates of various courses and specializations in the Earth sciences as post-graduate studies of applied geophysics in prospecting, mining and environmental specializations. Those post-graduate studies have started in 2005 as the project financed by the European Union and are still continued. Up to now, more than 500 graduates successfully completed this form of studies offered by the Department of Geophysics.