GPR investigations

Head: Sylwia Tomecka-Suchoń,, 12 617 21 99 i Jerzy Karczewski,, 12 617 24 24

We undertake works in the following areas:
• location of underground infrastructure (pipes, cables, ducts, channels, concrete reinforcements),
• location of construction residues and other underground constructions (eg. foundations),
• location of natural voids (caves, karst voids) and artificial voids (tunnels, excavations, mine walkways, tunnels),
• determining the geological structure of the subsurface layers,
• research in the field of engineering geology (fault zones in subsurface layers, determination of slip landslides, determination of leakage zones of flood embankments),
• surveys of roads, airports, railway tracks,
• mapping bottom and bottom sediments of shallow water reservoirs,
• research in the field of environmental protection (location of leaks from pipelines and waste storage areas),
• exploratory work in the field of archeology,
• forensic research (searching for burial sites).