Seismic investigations

Head: Jerzy Dec,, tel. +48 12 617 32 01


  • seismographs Terraloc MK6 and Geode 48, seismic source ESS 500 Turbo

Seismographys being a laboratory equipment enables the implementation of comprehensive research to determine the structure and rock properties mass to a depth of approximately 500m

Result of high-resolution seismic investigation on the sulfur deposit:

1 – unexploited zone , 2 – zone of exploitation


The Terraloc MK6, Geode 48 seismographys and the ESS 500 turbo mobile seismic source are used for:

  • reflection profiling to a depth of about 500m
  • refractive investigations of shallow bedrock to a depth of about tens of meters
  • engineering measurements of the S wave velocity profile

In the field at work. Reflective seismic surveys. Wałcz 2011r (fot. H. Polański)

Land-streamer seismic surveys of post-glacial deposits. Wałcz 2011r (fot. H. Polański)


And cars sometimes enter the TPN to investigate post-glacial forms. Hala Kondratowa 2014r. (fot. H. Polański)