Laboratory of potential fields modelling

Software: Oasis Montaj package by Geometrics, the proprietary software for gravity and magnetic data processing and interpretation

Oasis montaj package provides effective import, review, analysis, interpretation, modelling and sharing of geophysical, geochemical and geological data. It includes tools for planning geophysical survey, aero and marine measurements. It has the full ability to reduce and process gravimetric and magnetic data. It enables automatic calculation of source parameters from gravity and magnetic anomalies. It allows to determine the depth of anomaly source using Werner’s deconvolution, analytical signal and Euler’s extended deconvolution. It contains a package of one-dimensional filters and statistical tools such as Fourier FFT filtration, differential filtration, Fraser Laplace’s low and high pass filters. It also includes a package of two-dimensional wavenumber filters for calculating, among others, N-th vertical and horizontal derivative, up and down continuation, map of apparent magnetic susceptibility from magnetic data and apparent density from gravity data, calculation of regional and residual fields. This package allows for visualization and interpretation of geological data from boreholes. It enables the creation of two-dimensional geological models based on geophysical and borehole data, e. g. the creation of gravity models based on seismic data and the possibility of time-deep conversion, simultaneous gravity and magnetic modelling of the same geological model, the possibility of limiting the variability of the model using geological and borehole data. It also provides the possibility of creating three-dimensional geological models as a set of surfaces of any si