Studia II stopnia AG

Szczegółowy spis przedmiotów

The mission of the AGH University Science and Technology in Krakow involves educating students in the fields of critical importance to the economy based on knowledge, which are essential for a dynamic and sustainable development of the country and Europe. This strategy is to continually improve the level of education, while adapting it to the current requirements of the labor market. The directions of critical importance to the economy include the direction of Geophysics. This branch of science deals with, inter alia, engineering projects aimed at prospecting deposits, geological environment monitoring, geotechnical testing ground conditions as well as the study of mass movements.

The candidates should have general knowledge in the natural sciences and the skills to use it in their work and life with the legal and ethical principles. The candidates should understand and analyze the processes that take place in nature, and the human impact on the environment. They should know the basic technological issues relevant to geophysics and they should regard the principles of sustainable development. The candidates should have the skills that allow them active participation in the team work, perform the assigned tasks, and using of professional literature. They should have the ability to conduct laboratory and field work and organize safe and efficient operating positions of such work. They also should demonstrate knowledge of English at level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.